Setting Up a Home Gym

Setting up your Home gym doesn’t have to be complicated OR EXPENSIVE!

Whatever you choose to use (or purchase) will greatly depend on your level of experience, budget and space. As you know from our posted workouts you don’t need a lot of equipment to get the job done. You just need to start!

Tips to get started!
• Plan! Planning is winning. 3 workouts a week is a great start.
• Write the workouts down or save them on your computer in a place you can quickly pull them up.
• Set the time of day, make it the same time, ex M/W/F 6:00-6:30am.
• Don’t overthink it!

This will be hard in the beginning, except that and push through.
Hard is Doable!

Timer app or stopwatch – My favorite tool to keep me on track! Easy to set up and program any type of HIIT workout to.

Seconds is my favorite; you can use the free version for everything you would need to do at home workouts.


Yoga mat – nothing fancy, I would stay away from a real thick and squishy mat it will be harder to balance on starting out.

Exercises for your Yoga mat
• Planks/Ab work
• Mountain climbers
• Pushups

Resistance Bands- Inexpensive way to get a variety of resistance levels without taking up a lot of space

Resistance Band Upper Body exercises:

• Bicep Curls
• Rows
• Chest Press

Resistance Band Lower Body exercises:
• Squat and Press
• Leg Press Back
• Lateral Lunges

Dumbbells 5-12lbs – Start off light and build your inventory as you get stronger, you will be amazed what you can do with these little weights when the repetitions start to build.

Dumbbell Exercises For Lower Body
• DB static lunges
• DB squats
• DB straight-legged deadlift

Dumbbell Exercises for Upper Body
• Chest Press (lying down)
• Standing shoulder Press
• Bent over Row
• Standing Bicep curl
• Standing tricep extension

TRX Suspension Trainer – Simply hook it to the back of a bedroom door or loop it around a tree or the kid’s swing set.

TRX Exercises for Legs
• Squat variations
• Alternate Lunge variations
• Hamstring curls

TRX Exercises Upper Body
• Row
• Tricep extension
• Push up

Chair or step – You can also use your house steps, park bench, or the kid’s toy box if it’s sturdy enough.

Step Exercises (total body)
• Alternate Step-ups
• Tricep dips
• Jump ups


• Single leg DB Step up
• Hip thrusts (back placed on bench)
• DB Bulgarian lunge
• Decline push ups
• Tricep incline push ups

Extra bonus equipment to incorporate into workouts
• Kettle Bells
• Foam Roller
• Medicine ball
• Swiss ball
• Jump rope
• Slam ball

And never under estimate the power of a body weight only workout. All you need is some space and you can get in an effective 20-30 minute workout.
Give this one a try

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