How to Vacation Detox

Okay, I’ll be the first one to admit that this isn’t a true “detox”.

I’m using the term loosely.

We all have times where we feel bloated, nasty, and disgusting, and need a mini detox.

This is the place I’m in currently.

I just had a vacation in the water park capitol of the world – and possibly a few days of disordered eating.
There were cheeseburgers, pizza, multiple days of cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels (um, sooo good), beers and of course the road trip fast food stop.

I’m ready to get back on track. My body is craving some veggies!

Sunday night I made my 3 day meal plan that was lighter on calories, high in protein and veggies and includes…..The Big – Ass Salad!

When it’s time to get back on track, I employ one of my favorite “hacks” I learned from Amy Dix, to make me not feel like a walking blob.

Now, you DO have to be careful about the Big-Ass Salad or else it can EASILY turn into a calorie bomb, which totally negates the purpose.

So I put together some tips for the post vacation Big-Ass Salad:

>Load it up with low-cal veggies.
But be careful of anything with too much sugar. Carrots, corn, beans, etc are no-nos. If you are lucky like me your neighbor will hook you up with some fresh cherry tomatoes!

> Steer clear of the dairy products.
No cottage cheese, cheese, feta, eggs, etc.

Think onions, peppers, banana peppers, etc.

> Lean meat galore.
Pile on the turkey and grilled chicken – you need your lean protein.

> No nuts or other high fat items.
No sunflower seeds, no almonds, no bacon crumbles, etc.

> Dressing?
Make it low-cal and you must use “barely enough”. I am a vinaigrette, kinda girl.
You could try a yogurt based ranch, use enough to give your food just a bit of a taste.

This enormous salad will fill you up for hours, give you ample protein and so much fiber that you’re going to feel……….”better”………soon enough!

What do YOU do post vacation detox?

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