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The Switch Witch Saves You From A Sugar Attack

Don’t let the Halloween “fun size” take control of your life. Meet the Switch Witch! She is a good witch who will come and take all of the candy in trade for an amazing toy! Here’s her story: Bring your candy into FIT and get 1/2 off our New Member Special. This is a Halloween […]

Three Ways to Avoid Overeating at Meals

Three Ways to Avoid Overeating at Meals Sometimes those holiday feasts are just amazing. And it’s not just the abundance of delicious food but also the people, the decorations, and the ambiance. It is way too easy (and common) to indulge on those days. But it doesn’t always stop there. Sometimes we overeat on regular […]

Active Parents + Active Kids = Healthy Happy Families

By setting the basic foundations of life, (we) parents are the number one source affecting the way children feel about living a healthy lifestyle. Children innately realize that Mom and Dad are their educators, mentors, heroes, supporters, and role models throughout their lives. This is a colossal responsibility for the adult, as children believe that […]

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